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Bangalore is a nice and clean city and is also known as I.T City. If we talk about the weather here, the same weather remains here for about 12 months. Which attracts tourists to its side. Talk about the income of the people here, even unemployment is at a high level. People here do not earn a good income by working all day. But do not be discouraged now, we have brought you an “SMS sending job“, this is a part time job that you can do sitting at home. You can easily do this work in 1-2 hours daily through your mobile. This will not affect your work which you are already doing, so along with any of your other work, you can easily earn it by doing it easily.It is the job of sending an SMS. In this, you have to send 100 SMS daily through your mobile phone to the numbers given by us.In this, you get 5 rupees for sending one message. That is, you get 500 rupees for sending 100 SMS. This is a very easy job, you can do it easily anytime anywhere. According to 500 rupees per day, your monthly income will be 15000 Rs, that too by working 1-2 hours only. Up to 3500 income is paid to your bank account every week.

How to start the work knowing the whole process?

If you want to do this SMS sending job then you can start your work by paying registration fee of 850. You can pay the registration fee through Paytm, Googlepay, and Phonepe. You are given complete work within 5 hours of paying the fee. To work, you are given a login id and password, after this you will be able to do this work. We hope that you will definitely do this work, so you will not let the opportunity go by hand.

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