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Guwahati is the capital city of the state of Assam. Guwahati has many places to visit, for example Kamakhya Temple, Umnando Temple, Ugartara Temple, Basisito Temple, Balaji Temple, besides this you can visit the zoo. There are shopping malls in Guwahati in which you can enjoy your holiday comfortably. But when it comes to enjoying, the first attention goes to the money, because if the extra money is spent in traveling and enjoying, then the budget of the month immediately deteriorates. If you also have such a problem, then we have a solution for your problem because we have for you a part time job in which you have to work from home, that too for 2 to 3 hours a day which is very easy work. is. With this job, you can improve your lifestyle and make it even better.

Available employment in Guwahati –

The job that our company is providing for the people of Guwahati is SMS sending jobs. In this job, you have to send 100 SMS daily from your number, which is very easy because in this does not take much time to work. In this work, you can earn 5 rupees per sent SMS , i.e. 500 rupees daily income. The most important thing about this work is that you have to do it sitting at home.

Payment method –

Our company takes full care of its employee facility, because we believe in smart work more than hard work. So our company gives you your payment through Google pay and phone pay, which you can easily get in your mobile.

Registration method –

As you would know, nowadays we have to process a registration before starting any work. For which a fee of 850 rupees has to be paid. After the registration fee, the company verifies you. Then your work starts and then you can earn money. So what is the delay, register immediately and start your SMS sending jobs today.

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