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The city of Gwalior, which is in Madhya Pradesh, is full of natural beauty. There are many old temples, forts and buildings here that connect us with our history. This city is so beautiful that it is also known as the tourism capital of Madhya Pradesh and many tourists come here every year to visit this place during their holidays. In this city filled with natural beauty, there are so many young people who are looking for some small jobs along with education. If you are one of those youths who want to earn part time with studies, then by joining with our company you can earn easly, because our company has one such part time job which is called “SMS sending jobs“. In this, you can easily earn 10 to 15 thousand rupees a month by working for about 2 hours a day. You have to do this work from your home. In this part time job offered by our company, you have to send 100 messages a day. For which you get 5 rupees per message. You can do this work at any time of the day as per your convenience. In this way you can earn 500 rupees in a day, that too sitting at home. With this golden opportunity one can easily earn money through his mobile phone. And the most important thing is that in this you do not have to waste your whole day because this is part time work.

How to get payment ?

To get payment, you should have paytm, Google pay or phone pay. We pay your payment through by apps, but if you do not have these apps, we can also pay in your bank account.

Joining process –

To join you have to pay a registration fee of Rs 850. Then you have to fill the form. In the form, you have to provide some information like your name, mobile number, Aadhaar number, email, home address, photo etc. After that the company makes a verification call to you. After verification, you join our company and can easily earn 500 rupees a day.

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