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Jhansi is a popular city located in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is situated on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Jhansi remains in the top list in the area related to railway and road development. It is adjacent to the Bundelkhand border and is also a developed province in the field of economy. The fort located in Jhansi is quite famous in Uttar Pradesh as well as all over India. Let me tell you that 10 doors are available to enter this fort, which is seen every year by a large number of tourists from far and wide. And in this way there is a crowd here throughout the year, in such a situation there are many unemployed youth or young women who are looking for some part time work. In such a situation, to get rid of unemployment problems, our company is offering a part time job called “SMS Sending Job”. Which will be very beneficial for unemployed youth and they can earn a good income by working from home.

In this SMS sending job, you have to send 100 SMS from your mobile at any time in 24 hours according to your time and the best thing is that you can earn 5Rs for every SMS send. In this way you can live your life better by earning 3500 Rs every week. In this work, our company gives you payment through online paytm, googlepay.

If you want to join our company then join with our company as soon as possible because there are no come opportunities to make money again and again. To join you have to pay a fee of ₹ 850, then you will have to give us your name, home address, mobile number and email address. After this, your work will be started within 5 hours.

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