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SMS Sending Jobs In Moradabad

Moradabad is a city in Uttar Pradesh, which is famous for exporting brass handicrafts. Moradabad located on the banks of Ramganga river is famous all over the world for handicrafts made on brass. There are many religious places to visit in Moradabad, such as Sita Temple, Bade Hanuman Temple, Chandausi, Kunj Bihari Temple, Sai Temple and Shanidev Temple etc. Moradabad is a very good place, but in such places nowadays the problem of employment is very much. Many people want to work but they do not get the right platform. If you are also one of them, today our company has come up with a platform that will help you earn more money in less time. Our company has brought an SMS sending job for the people of Moradabad, in this you have to work only for 2 hours per day, and for that work the company gives you a good money.

How to do the work and what will be the income?

For the people of Moradabad, our company which has brought this SMS sending job, in this you have to send 100 SMS per days to the numbers given by us, which are done in 2 hours comfortably and you can do this job from your mobile or laptop. This can be done easily from any place. You do not even need to go to the office to do this work. The company pays you 5 rupees for sending an SMS, according to which you easily earn 500 rupees a day.

Payment method

The company makes a weekly payment of 3500 rupees through Google pay, phone pay, Paytm. If you do not have a digital payment app, you can also receive payment in your bank account.

Work joining process –

You have to pay Rs 850 registration with some basic details like your name, home address, mobile number, email etc., which is a very simple process. After that the company calls you for verification. After the details are verified, the company gives you an SMS sending job. And then you can do extra income by working for 2 hours.

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