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Mumbai is a metropolis where many industrialists make their headquarters and do business across the country. Mumbai was formerly known as Bombay. It is the ancient name of Mumbai and also the capital of the state of Maharashtra. This city is the most beautiful and best city in India. Mumbai is a place where everyone comes to fulfill their dreams from far off areas of the country. Due to the high population here, everyone does not get employment, that is why many people are unemployed here. Apart from this, people do not get employment due to personal and family problems, due to which unemployment is increasing. Unemployment is a curse that many people’s dreams are buried in their mind. Because not every person can do acting, singing, dancer etc. nor can everyone start their own business and the people who work in the office do not have the same income, some have more then some less. This is the reason why most people are unable to realize their dreams. And those who have low income are not able to live happily in their life.

But now we will solve your unemployment problem through online home based jobs in your city Mumbai. The name of the work we will give you is “sms sending job“. You can do this job by sending an SMS from your mobile and you can fulfill your dreams by making a good income. This is such a simple job that anyone can easily do it sitting at home through their mobile. But you do not have to come anywhere because it is a home based job. Our company gives you complete work in this SMS sending, You will be given number list and SMS as work. Then you have to send 100 SMS daily to different people. Your earnings in this work will be 3500 rupees per week and you can easily earn up to 15000 Rs in a month. If you want to do this SMS job, then you have to pay registration fees of Rs 850, then you can start this work within 5 hours.

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